Our Adventures

Every one of our adventures is crafted to bring you to the essence of nature to help you reach higher clarity. We accompany our guests to exclusive natural wonders to experience nature's pristine, serene and invigorating energy directly at its source. 

Our adventures are exclusive journeys into the mind and soul. We actively avoid mainstream touristic routes to allow our guests to enjoy the most authentic natural and spiritual experiences, and we actively seek out participants that share our convictions of preserving nature's sacred energy wherever we go.

We are committed to express gratitude to nature and our local communities on every adventure, and to help them grow stronger while they help us make the world grow stronger too. 

Girl floating and relaxing in the crystal clear waters of Lake Atitlan

Illumination Journey

An escape from reality into a world of complete natural serenity and mental clarity.

From one of its most secret and secluded places, experience the energy of Lake Atitlán vibrate through your soul and regenerate your mind as you let its powers take over you.

2 Days / 1 Night


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Mayan traditional cleansing ritual in Lake Atitlan

Astral Voyage

A transformative dive into Mayan spirituality that will lead you on a cleanse of the mind and soul deep within natural heart of Lake Atitlán. 

Embark on this unique ancestral regenerative ritual and experience nature's powers which help you encounter your true joy and clarity.

3 Days / 2 Nights