Relaxing on a sunny day in the perfect lakewaters of Atitlan

Illumination Journey

Let nature be your guide

Our Illumination Journey is designed to allow you to reconnect to your true essence, far away from the worries of modern society and the limits it imposes on your happiness.

Enter a world of eternal serenity along a pristine shore of Lake Atitlán and experience the tranquility of seemingly bygone times as you regain consciousness and awake to a new reality of clarity, comfort and unaltered connection to your inner energy.


Float in crystal-clear waters and sleep under the stars while feeling nature's embrace, as you relish the in gratification formerly reserved only to the ancient Maya.

This 2 days / 1 night exclusive adventure into a true natural wonder will elevate your mind and spirit, reminding you of life's true blessings and allowing you to grasp true happiness along the way. Discover what awaits you.


Day 1

Day 2

Early Morning

Gather together for a traditional breakfast before getting on a private boat to a secluded beach on the idyllic shores of Lake Atitlán.


Take possession of your surroundings at the same time as you begin to regain possession of your senses.


Palpate nature's blessings with a deliciously fresh meal that will nourish your body as much as your soul.  


Explore the lakeshore and surrounding hillsides in search of centennial trees, medicinal plants and exotic flowers.


Feel nature's energy around the fire as you get transported by the sounds of the jungle. Savour a hearty meal and fall asleep under the stars.


Wake up with a cup of traditional Mayan coffee and gaze at the sun rising over Atitlán while you savour the ambient serenity.


Enjoy a delicious breakfast and take time for self-reflection, relax in the lake's delectable waters, or hike up its slopes to catch some incredible views.


Indulge in another jungle feast as you savour yet more natural products and replenish your energy.


Make the most of your last moments in the heart of nature before a private boat picks you up to return to civilisation.



Access to Exclusive Locations

Private Boat Transportation

Personalisable  Journey

Freshly Prepared Meals 

Equipment Provided

Spiritual Guidance

24 hrs Assistance

Multilingual Service

Our guests' wellness and enjoyment is our priority on every adventure. To achieve a unique and exclusive experience every time, our services our optimised to provide all our guests a truly unique and transformative venture into the heart of nature.

To ensure you do enjoy the jungle adventure of your dreams we are at your disposal to adapt our services to accommodate any requests you may have.

What to Know

We do not organise jungle trips. Instead we take our guests on real jungle adventures. 

This small difference means that the active positive participation and cooperation of our guests is required to make each adventure truly unforgettable.

Here are a few tips to get you better prepared to join us and live a unique experience.

Mental Preparation

The ultimate goal of our adventures is to help you cleanse your mind and soul. As such most of that work will be done during the adventure itself but there are some ways you can prepare in advance to enhance your experience:

1. Take time to meditate over what constitutes true happiness and success in your own life.

2. Begin to analyse what is holding you back on your quest for happiness.

3. Try to set an actionable objective that you can achieve during your adventure (eg. become more compassionate, prioritise your wellbeing, learn to let go...)

Do not worry about finding answers to any questions you may have, these will come to you as nature embraces you. Simply start building your awareness that you are getting on a journey of self-improvement.


Our adventures will bring you into the heart of nature. As such we will also be more exposed to her elements, which means we will feel more intensely the power of the sun, of the breeze, but also sometimes of the rain and cold. 

Enjoyment will be at the center of every adventure, and although we cannot control the weather we do make the necessary arrangements to ensure the maximum comfort of our guests.

We will provide you the necessary clothes to be warm, the appropriate shelter to be dry, and the right nutrition to comfortably face nature.

Physical Preparation

Our adventures are open to anyone willing to experience the essence of nature and dive into their own spirituality. 

Adventurers of all ages and physical abilities are welcome, although we do recommend that our guests ensure they are comfortable with the following:


1. Slow hiking involving navigating uneven, rocky and at times slippery terrain.

2. Being outside for prolonged periods of time.

3. Living in natural conditions without the luxuries of everyday life (electricity, running water, bed...)

What to bring

Venturing into deep nature does require the appropriate preparation in order to fully enjoy the experience. We will provide you all the necessary equipment related to food and drinks, coats, sleeping accessories and other essentials. On your end please prepare:

1. Outdoor footwear (sneakers not recommended).

2. Clothes for 2 days including thermal wear if you have.

3. Medicine for any treatment you may have.

4. Any snacks or extra food you may wish for yourself.

5. Your positive energy!