Arriving on deserted beach in the middle of the jungle of Lake Atitlan

Who We Are

We are Mayan Jungle Adventures, a group of nature and outdoor-living lovers based on the shores of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, in the heart of the Mayan spiritual world.

Our goal is to always strive for a more natural and sustainable life, as our conviction is that a happy life involves benefitting from nature and attempting to benefit her in return.
We aim to live as close to nature as possible, using her energy to provide us our tranquility while at the same time always preserving her, ensuring her mighty powers can perpetually illuminate the world

Our mission is to bring people from all over the world closer to nature in order for our guests to find clarity and serenity as we introduce them to the essence of nature and Mayan culture.

To allow our guests to have the most enjoyable and invaluable experiences, we have designed exclusive adventures aimed at sharing the most beautiful, powerful and occult places of Lake Atitlán with those who truly appreciate nature's grandeur.

Our ultimate aim on each adventure is to allow each participant to enjoy a truly soul cleansing experience that will effect long-lasting clarity in their life.

We are extremely aware of the immense responsibility we have to develop the natural and cultural places we bring our guests to in a way that is most beneficial to their long-term wellbeing, ensuring them a sustainable future where their unique essence is fully preserved.

For this reason, we only accompany a restricted number of visitors on each adventure, ensuring our guests enjoy the most exclusive and positive experiences possible. This allows us to always respect each place's natural serenity and ensure a positive development of our local communities.