Mayan Jungle Adventures 


Beautiful light during sunset on Lake Atitlan

We are passionate nature-lovers offering exclusive natural adventures in the spiritual heart of the Mayan world: Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.

Our roots and culture have led us to cultivate a deep love and respect for nature and spirituality, which we aim to share with the world through our adventures.

Our adventures impact true clarity and happiness into those ready to embrace nature's blessing. They are designed for those seeking to elevate their being.

We are Mayan Jungle Adventures

Views of Lake Atitlan from behind trees

Reviving Through Nature

We live for nature.
We live thanks to nature.

We need her to feel alive, to discover ourselves and to use her strength and energy to grow.

Bonding with nature is the foundation of happiness and spiritual fulfillment. Nature will cleanse, energise and revive anyone willing to embrace her, but she also requires her beneficiaries to always treat her with love, care and respect.

 At Mayan Jungle Adventures our mission is to accompany adventurers from all over the world to experience nature's essence at its source and revive their inner clarity.

Why Choose Mayan Jungle Adventures?

Privileged Access To Secret Natural Beauty

We take our groups far away off the touristic paths into natural wonders protected from mainstream tourism, in order to allow our guests to experience the most genuine connection to nature that will bring them true clarity.

Spiritual and Cultural Growth

Our adventures aim to help you experience spiritual awakening and to feel the essence of Mayan natural mystic. At the same time, our adventures actively contribute to the development of our local communities.

Fully Serviced Exclusive Experience

Every adventure is carefully planned to bring you the most enjoyable, safe, and fulfilling experience every step of the way. From transportation to food and shelter, we do everything we can to provide the highest quality experience.